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12 large companies in 2007-2008 compared the welfare state

Large companies benefit files

"First Financial Weekly" select IT, consumer, financial and real estate industries for 12 companies, these companies through interviews with staff, management, human resource managers, on the welfare of these companies to make forecasts for 2008 and with welfare state in 2007 were compared. These 12 companies, there are seven foreign companies, three state-owned enterprises, two private companies.

Companies were expected to award the 2008 year-end 2007, compared with the situation, 鈫?is unchanged, 鈫?to increase, 鈫?to reduce.

Tencent IT 鈫?br />
The continuing effects from the incentive to consider, Tencent number of year-end awards from the 2007 release of "personal salary of 4.3 times the + double income" to 2008's "personal salary of 2.3 times the + double-income" (mainly referring to monthly salary), but individual monthly wages increased by 25%. Hand down the money in a year compared with last year changed little, but employees generally agreed that the effect of encouraging better than in the past.

Non-cash benefits, Tencent main tourist and business training. The number of visits did not change, sector excursions generally have two to three times, the company's long-distance travel for the first time. But the company offers personal travel costs to increase, per capita increased about 1 / 3. Little change in training, mainly for business and corporate culture training.

Alibaba IT 鈫?br />
Alibaba listing by the end of 2007, catch up with the listing of the last bus, are not immune to being a financial crisis. However, employees of the company year-end awards for 2008 the amount was very optimistic, because this year, their wages rise to varying degrees.

Alibaba employees a wage increase of 10%, she predicted 2008 year-end awards will be flat with the first year, accounting for 20% of annual revenues to 30%; the other one is more optimistic about the number of employees in 2007 to take to year-end double pay, she expected the end of the year award in 2008 will account for 10% of annual revenue to 20%, equivalent to three pay her salary in the range of 5% to 6%.

Standard Chartered Bank Financial 鈫?br />
Standard Chartered Corporate Banking Division, said an employee, linking individual performance with year-end awards are generally paid double salary or three. But the financial crisis, some departments may be abolished in 2008 year-end awards, the proportion of business and certainly a bonus lower than in 2007. Even so, there are some benefits that Standard Chartered employees feel good, such as: transportation and communication costs reimbursement; employee discount of about 3% of the company buy a house;

Regular employees to purchase company stock, but must hold at least three years, such as employees selling shares, the share price below the original purchase price, the company will buy back the original purchase price to ensure that employees do not lose money.

But there are certain benefits that the company's employees feel uncomfortable: no overseas travel incentive company in the Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year festival of this magnitude cost of basic non-fat feast.

Yum consumption 鈫?br />
Owns KFC, Pizza Hut Yum Group, 2008, the company's benefits include: cash, training and tourism. Travel benefits are enjoyed by each employee, each person has a certain amount of travel expenses. Cash benefits is the end of the year award - year-end double pay, which is not much of a difference in 2007.

IKEA consumer 鈫?br />
IKEA stores year-end awards in accordance with the performance of each payment, if this year, commercial centers which meet certain requirements, such as customer satisfaction index compliance, all of this mall employees can receive a year-end awards. IKEA China, said Xu Lide, director of public relations, although the poor environment in 2008, but Beijing mall's staff has been the prize money, the amount of decrease over last year.

In addition to year-end awards, IKEA will be every 4 months, an assessment of each mall, paid a bonus based on performance. In addition, there is no other cash or non-cash benefits.

Ford 鈫?br />
Although Ford's staff expects the year-end awards in 2008 and previous years will receive double pay, but the company months of the red, and also increased the prize money to reduce their fears. Value of 80 yuan from the company for the Haagen-Dazs vouchers to subsidize the high costs this summer, employees of view, such worries are not redundant.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Management Consulting 鈫?br />
Financial crisis to PwC in 2008, reduced staff overtime and the project budget - to the average income of employees decreased by 10%, but the boss made it clear that "no layoffs" e-mail or give us peace of mind at the end of the year is not less.

"The benefits are not satisfied, but after all is grim." Interviewed employees of the shrinking real wages in 2008 expressed understanding. Basic cash welfare in 2008 and previous years flat, open end of the double salary payment.

Non-cash benefits are almost the same in previous years, including every Friday Coliseum private use; travel once a year; add up to more than a month of training; discount do gym, regular health talks, the company has specialized clinics can be next to go doctor. But employees have said: "busy with work, these benefits can really enjoy the few."

Itochu consumption 鈫?br />
Itochu, a non-business sector employees, said end of the year award has not changed in recent years is basically a half months wages. Market, the business sector will have more commission money.

The Japanese companies in China with a strong Japanese culture. New Year's Day each year, the company will be held in the New Year. 2009 New Year's Day, New Year will be held in China, general manager of home. In addition to the New Year will be, "B艒nenkai" employees is a more natural look forward to the project, which is similar to the Chinese company's annual meeting. The evening of 7 January 2009, employees with their own programs go Happy, apart from a lucky draw, we all look forward to 5 years / 10 years / 15 years Staff Award, which is the company for long-term service staff to develop a special award - although Staff Award for 15 years may only 1,500 yuan, but eventually get the money, the Chinese New Year is a joyous thing.

Intel IT 鈫?br />
Intel's year-end performance bonuses, sales personnel and non-sales Different.

As a non-sales employees, the year-end performance and company performance is related to the 2008 year-end awards will be less certain. The performance bonus is only symbolic, divided into twice a year, a total of about 10,000 yuan or so. Other year-end benefits, cash-based, generally a lot easier.

Intel said one employee, by the greater environmental impact, the company rumors preceding full year to pay 3% to 5%, but the specific will drop, and now I'm not sure. The boss had come out to reassure the population that does not pay. Who knows, in recent years to keep their jobs on the good.

鈫?Vanke Real Estate Group

Vanke interviewed staff believes that the upcoming year-end awards will be much less than last year, after all, the real estate market in 2008 compared with 2007 is like falling into hell from heaven. Vanke year 2008 total sales area of 5.57 million square meters, the amount of 47.87 billion yuan sales were less than 9.2% over the same period the previous year and 8.6%. Poor performance, it will be reflected in the real estate company paid to employees on year-end awards.

However, Vanke is a good day it just ended. Vanke staff salaries and benefits soared year after year since 2004, Vanke said an internal report in 2006, Vanke's salary and benefits the industry growth rate is 5 times the industry growth in 2007 4 times.

Air China Air 鈫?br />
By the end of December 2007, Air China is expected to substantial loss in 2008, of which the carrying amount of fuel hedging losses as high as 3.6 billion are expected, together with the previously snow, earthquake, Olympics, control, economic crisis in a series of attacks, The Chinese largest airlines experienced the worst of circumstances seemed.

But this does not seem to affect the overall welfare of Air Staff, Air 2008 pilot, flight attendant average salary increase of 10%.

Although Air China suffered a loss, but because of losses concentrated in the fourth quarter, which may affect the larger end of the year award in 2009, not 2008. Staff estimated that in 2008 there will be appropriate to reduce dividends, the same year-end awards. Air China Award for 2007 year-end 7.25-month post allowance, the captain led 747 after-tax annual salary from 400,000 to 500,000 yuan, the first co-pilot from 180 thousand to 220 thousand yuan.

CNOOC Energy 鈫?br />
The company's year-end bonus was inverted pyramid, that is B level and above (equivalent to being deputy director level) of the end of the year award is several times below the rank of D, such as D-level employees generally average annual bonus from 50,000 to 60,000 yuan, then the B-class in the 200,000 to 300,000 yuan, A-level more. CNOOC's Award in 2008 changed little year-end 2009, CNOOC's welfare spending and wage growth is unlikely.


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